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UM v MSU weekend

Okay folks.  Anyone who has a pulse knows it’s football season.  But this is the only sports weekend of the year that really matters as we– The Wolverines– are playing our in-state rivals– The Spartans.  As Jake Ryan put it.

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This bruised rib is a mother!  Fortunately, it hasn’t hindered everyday operations too much.  On the good news front, I got my new Intuos Pen in the mail since I misplaced my old one.  I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s

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Orlando, FL

I’ve just returned from Orlando, FL where I surprised my BFF (and co-founder for Team D) for his Bday.  While hanging out there, we got to participate in the Richard Petty driving experience thanks to Vanessa and her sister Christina.  Additionally, we

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Okay Wolverines. . .

You get a one-week repreive from me for playing a decent game (eventhough it was Minnesota). . .I didn’t have any heart attacks, aneurisms, or butt clenchings. . .okay, there were a couple of butt clenchers on some passes, but

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Am I motivated?

Well yes and no.  Yes, because we’ve finally got a DP locked in for the film so we can start doing some damage (and we have a bullet rig as stated before. . .that pretty much trumps everything).  No, because

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