Alex V.G. Landrum

Today, the first member of the Horsemen (My brother Ivan, AJ, Ernest, and myself)– Ernest– gave birth to a healthy baby boy!  Alex V.G. Landrum, 7lbs 8 oz.  I want to send a shout to E and his family. . . may God bless them in the upbringing of little Alex.  So that pretty much puts AJ in the cue as Ivan and I are pretty much sidelined in the endeavor to have children. . .lol.  We do have a baby sister so. . .The character, Everett Landry (the logistician), who was pretty much in the entire Issue 3 was created using Ernest as a muse.  The guy always seems to have a connection wherever we go whether it be in the US or some other country, which made our world travel experience that much more epic.  Welcome to the world, Alex!!!

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