ALS Ice Bucket Challenge (updated 02 SEP 14)

No, I’m not dumping water on my head. I’ve already contributed and have been for awhile. It is definitely for a good cause so knock yourself out and convey your message any way you like! One of my old college friends, Allison Ginsberg, is currently fighting the fight and I will continue to pray for her endurance. Click on her name to go to her Facebook page. Check it out and give it a Like! I, personally, have been challenged 3 times so I will post those challenges here.  We have a new entry coming from Chris and Beth Regner representing Sandy Haubert (Beth’s mother who passed in 2010 while battling ALS) in support of Team Gleason ( and their efforts to find a cure for ALS. Looots of water in this one as well as instant replays– well done!

AJ Allen

James Bailey

John Bickmann

Regner Family


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