Jay Kazio Bicknell

Jay Bicknell, aka Ammeter

Real Name: Jay Kazio Bicknell

Alias: Ammeter

Mental Disorder: Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Place of Birth: Boston, MA

NEXIS Classification: Type-P (Passionate)

Physical Stats: 5’8, 165 lbs

Enhancement: Electricity generator

Bicknell has the ability to generate and manipulate bioelectricity. He was identified as a genius at a young age and excelled as a “twice exceptional student” at school for gifted children in Boston, MA prior to being detained. He loves intellectual challenges and often makes remarks about how much smarter he is than his team mates. When on the serum, he’s laid back but loves to tell stories about interesting experiments he’s conducted. He also has a natural leader-like ability (great tactician).

Gettin’ Amped!!!

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