Billy Neilson, aka Fahrenheit

Real Name: Billy Neilson

Alias: Fahrenheit

Mental Disorder: Bipolar personality disorder (borderline)

Place of Birth: Myrtle Beach, SC

NEXIS Classification: Type-P (Passionate)

Physical Stats: 5’10, 185 lbs

Enhancement: Flame generation; Ice production

Neilson has the ability to create fire or ice. He creates flames by absorbing ambient heat. If he absorbs enough heat, the surrounding area will begin to freeze. The temperature in the surrounding area will drop significantly prior to him using flames. Billy loves his enhancement and has truly embraced it. He will use it any chance he gets. When on the medication, he’s a smart-aleck. He finds new and creative ways to get under people’s skin–especially Leah since she more prone to respond negatively to his behavior.

I say we burn it all down!

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