Joy Smyth, aka Fluke

Real Name: Joy “Smitty” Smyth

Alias: Fluke

Mental Disorder: Schizophrenic Personality disorder/ dependent

Place of Birth: Key West, FL

NEXIS Classification: Spiritual

Physical Stats: 5’4, 125 lbs

Enhancement: Spiritual Bond with Tyche

Smyth has a bond with the Tyche the Goddess of Luck. Tyche alters probability for her as long as Smyth serves her needs. The said bond also allows Smyth to calculate probabilities. She has to go into a deep meditation to talk to Tyche directly. They can also communicate with each other while Joy is sleeping. Upon her initial transition, Tyche led Joy to a Hellenistic coin that she now wears around her neck. This coin strengthens the spiritual bond between the two. Since Smyth is a spiritual, she is one of the most powerful members of the group. In some instances, Tyche will take over her body. Making transactions with Tyche requires a lot of energy, which leaves Smyth in a sleepy state half of the time. Smyth is the friendliest in the group and it’s hard for others to get angry at her for her quirks.

Good luck for me doesn’t necessarily mean good luck for you . . . .

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