Fredrick Foit, aka Hustle

Real Name: Fredrick Foit

Alias: Hustle

Mental Disorder: Narcissistic Personality Disorder/Hyper-Vigilance Borderline Style (some paranoia)

Place of Birth: Fishers, IN

NEXIS Classification: Type-P (Passionate).

Physical Stats: 6’1, 205 lbs

Enhancement: Superhuman speed.

Foit developed superhuman speed during his transition. He is the oldest of the bunch and none of his team mates have a clue what he was detained for as he trusts no one. The infamous Fredrick Foit is currently one of the government’s top 10 most wanted. When on the medication, Fred is calm and seems innocent. He frequently gets annoyed with the group for their lack of experience in life as he has experienced a lot for someone his age. He is the king of random/miscellaneous knowledge, speaks several languages, and loves women more than keeping secrets.

If you see me. . .it’s probably too late. . . .