Jake Fellows

Jake Fellows, aka Mallet

Real Name:  Jake Fellows

Alias:  Mallet

Mental Disorder:  None.

Place of Birth:  Choctaw County, OK

NEXIS Classification:  Type-M (Morph)

Physical Stats:  6’7, 350 lbs

Enhancement:  Superhuman strength; quick healing; chromatophores in skin; enhanced sight and night vision.

Jake is the outcast among the outcast because he is half “alien”. Given his background, he does not technically fit into any of the six NEXIS classification types although most would classify him as a Morph.   He was actually the first inmate of the NEXUS location in Sault Ste Marie.  His mother came from a race of warriors called the Homo Sapien Malleun who are super strong, durable and can heal quickly.  She came back in time to escape the warrior lifestyle due to the excessive death and destruction of her people.  Jake looks like his human father (except for his bizarre pupils/sclera (pitch black) and musculature, which both blatantly give him away), but has all of the abilities of his mother.  He also has a twin sister who was in hiding when he and his mother were detained.  To quote James, “. . .he’s the size of a house. . . .”  Jake is the youngest in the group.  He always seems to be happy and enthusiastic about everything.

Here comes the Mallet!