Real Name: Eldon K. Blackwell-Jarrett

Eldon K. Blackwell-Jarrett, aka Hirsute

Alias: Hirsute

Place of Birth: Chicago, IL

NEXIS Classification: Type-M (Morph)

Physical Stats: 6’2, 280 lbs

Enhancement: Heightened senses, enhanced strength, speed, and endurance

Jarrett has enhanced size and strength with heightened senses.  He was the brute and tracker for the first Beta strike team making him another former teammate of Fredrick Foit.  He’s good at what he does and he loves to fight.  He’s big and Hairy thus the name.  The fur on his body is like that of a golden retriever.  His webbed hands and feet also make him an excellent swimmer.  Jarrett did not care for Foit due to his covert nature nor did Jarrett believe that Foit was 100% loyal to the cause.  To this day, he blames Foit for their loss at the hands of the Osirica and the team’s detainment.

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