Black Out the Sun

Sevendust just dropped their album yesterday and it was sick as promised!  I’m probably just going to put it on repeat tonight while I clean around the house.  Sevendust also dropped their first music video (Decay) from the album.  Check it out. Eye Empire, part of the Sevendust family, will be playing tomorrow at Spinners in Austin (7pm).  I-can’t-wait!!!  Hopefully, I will be able to start a pit.  And they better be selling XXL or larger shirts.  What’s up with bands selling kids shirts?!  I’m a grown man for Pete’s sake!

If you haven’t purchased Issue 3, just click on the Store tab and do it!  I also received my first fan art drawings, which I will post shortly.  They’re pretty darn cool!

And how could I forget to mention that Michigan is in the Sweet 16 (shut your mouth Charles Barkley. . .talking about the BIG TEN being overrated).  My bracket may be blown to smitherines, but my boys have a chance to do some real damage.  Even P.A MSU got in.  GO BLUE!

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