Break out the compass!

Currently in Washington DC hanging out and trying not to blow a gasket with this traffic.  I still don’t understand the desire to live in this place.  Now that I’m settled in the hotel, I can get to my updates:

1)  The Independence Saturday Brew Tour was sweet as expected; however, I didn’t get to try the new winter warmer because I got tied up with the Convict Hill. . .once I start drinking that stuff, I don’t want to deviate.  I also got to get caught up with some cool peeps, talk comic books, buy swag, etc.

2)  Almost a month away from D-day and scene 3 (I believe it’s scene 3 anyways. . .you’ll have to ask Chris).  Since I’m in the DC area, I’m going back up to New York to link up with none other than AJ Allen to get the mind meld going.  We may even be able squeeze a gym session in.  Props are still coming in.  With the amount of props involved in the short, I’m sure they’ll still be coming in the day before.  And I still have no idea what I’m going to wear. . .well, I have an idea, but I have to ensure that the director, producer, and I are on the same page with stuff.

3)  I got my comic book artist back from her New Years Seattle Sabbatical with her hubby.  They were killing it and it looked like a lot of fun.  I just passed out on my couch. . .I feel like such a bum.  I just can’t run the gauntlet like I used to.  I used to be a beast!  I carried the team on my back. . . lol!!!  All that being said, Issue 3 of the comic book will be done very soon!  Previews will follow shortly.

4) Last but not least, I want to give a shout out to my small business brethren– Draft Distro Publishing, Independence Brewing, The Stirling Soap Company, LMG Marketing Solutions LLC, Mike’s Comics; and the independent bands– Atom Smash, Signum AD, Shatterline, and The Veer Union.  Crispin, I hope everything works out with the kickstarter, bro.  I’d hate to see such an awesome band go to waste.

The compass is telling me that I should keep Stabbing Westward (you see what I just did there. . .cue the music).  And if you missed the shower spot

Stirling Soap Shower

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