Real Name: Dean Frinovskii

Dean Frinovskii, aka Dark Mirror

Alias: Dark Mirror

Place of Birth: Vladimir, Russia

NEXIS Classification: Type-S (Spiritual)

Physical Stats: 5’9, 175 lbs

Enhancement: Acute senses, dark touch that causes victims to see their darkest fear.

Frinovskii was blind up until he was in his teens.  Once his enhanced transition took place, Nemesis– the goddess of vengeance– began speaking to him.  She said that she would allow him to “see” if he swore allegiance to her.  Nemesis granted Frinovskii vision by turning his eyes into mirrors.  He can see well enough to maneuver, but he only really sees shadows/silhouettes/auras– no details.  He was also given the ability to make people see their darkest fears just by laying a hand on them.  These visions are so devastating that they leave the victims incapacitated for long periods of time.  Some compare the touch to a really bad acid trip.  The more evil a person is, the worse the trip.   The touch doesn’t work on people that are genuinely good.  Frinovskii’s acute senses make him an excellent close combatant.


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