Agent Crittenden, aka Fearsome

Real Name: Brad Crittenden

Alias: Fearsome

Place of Birth: Kennesaw, GA

NEXIS Classification: Type-E (Empath).

Physical Stats: 6’3, 230 lbs

Enhancement: telepathically induce fear in others.

Agent Crittenden is the Team Lead for Strike Team 2 of the AOE based out of Indianapolis, IN.  He has the ability instill fear in others.  Depending on the victim they will either do what he says or fight for their lives.  Either way Crittenden is at a tactical advantage.  He is an expert in psychological warfare.  His enhancement is not as effective against other empaths or people who are emotionally dead.  His size and close quarter combat skills are no laughing matter.  He would rather kill a subject than take that subject into custody.  Crittenden takes pride in his Cherokee heritage, which is why he carries his family hunting knife around at all times.

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