James Russell Walker
James R. Walker, aka Schism

Real Name: James Russell Walker

Alias: Schism/Johnny Demonicus

Mental Disorder: Dissociative identity disorder

Place of Birth: Detroit, MI

Physical Stats: 6’0, 265 lbs


Walker’s strength and speed is above average in his normal state. His personality change is triggered by anger. Walker’s other personality, “Johnny Demonicus”, is a loose cannon and is capable of almost anything (e.g. he can tap into all six types of enhancements). The psychosomatic skull on Walker’s face is the key indicator of his mental state change. If Walker is angered while on his medication, he will only make a partial transition. In this state, he will only have some access to the full strength on Johnny Demonicus, but he will maintain control of his personality. Walker is the most well rounded of the group, but has the biggest inner demon to fight.

Johnny Demonicus