Real Name: Edgar LeMire

Edgar LeMire, Klepto

Alias: Klepto

Place of Birth: Bath, England

NEXIS Classification: Symbiote

Physical Stats: 5’8, 190 lbs

Enhancement:  Absorbs the enhancements of others and uses them

LeMire has the ability to take other people’s enhancements and use them though not as well as the original user.  He was a member of the first enhanced Beta strike team along with Fredrick Foit (Hustle), Eldon K. Blackwell- Jarrett (Hirsute), and a strange female named Bloodwytch.   They called themselves the lightning force and they were led by Ulrich Anderssenn (Outlaw).  Ultimately, the beta team was a failure due to corrupt leadership.  When Anderssenn’s hidden agenda came to light, The Osirica showed up and defeated Anderssenn along with the lightning force.  The lightning force was detained sans LeMire who got away and went into hiding.

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