Last Couple of Weeks

The Team has been getting into all sorts of things this past couple of weeks. I was in Indiana for work for the last two weeks.  While there, I got to link up with some old friends in Indianapolis. I got caught up with my old childhood friend Jeff over a few beers and I was invited onto the Hammer and Nigel ( show by my buddy Nigel to promote the comic book. If you haven’t listened to their show, you need to as they are a bunch of clowns. They cover everything from entertainment to politics. I need to buy one of those t-shirts!


I also took the last two weeks to delve into the addendum project.  I’m currently coloring page one and inking page 2. I’m still debating on how I want the finished cover to look.

My buddy AJ Allen has been knocking out all kinds of V.O. gigs and making his presence known. Tru TV FINALLY decides to show his face in a quick video. If you haven’t seen it, here it is!

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