Ryan Mach aka Stratus

Real Name:  Ryan Sebastian Mach

Alias: Stratus

Place of Birth: Las Angeles, CA.

NEXIS Classification: Type-P (Passionate).

Physical Stats: 5’9, 185 lbs.

Enhancement: Able to fly at speeds up to Mach 6.

Mach is the Team Leader for AOE Strike Team 4 out of Dallas, TX working in tandem with Dark Mirror.  The AOE provided Mach a wind turbine powered suit that generates a field as he flies.  The field protects him as he flies at upper-tier speeds.  Prior to working with the AOE, Mach was the lead guitarist of a rock band called “Pushin’ 35” whose 1st album (called “We Broke Peace”) went double platinum within the first month of sales.  As a member of the AOE, he brings his rock star persona with him and still adored by fans of his former band.

Stratus web
“Ryan Mach, Let’s Rock!!!”

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