Eidolons Film (in the can)

I’m happy as all day to say that the filming phase for the the Eidolons film is complete!  I want to thank everybody who participated in the endeavor.  Without everybody coming through on their A-game, it wouldn’t have happened.  If you would have told me 5 years ago that this would be happening now, I would have laughed– very heartily.  I’m looking forward to watching the film after Ken Baker Jr. puts his midas touch on it in post production!

2 Comments on “Eidolons Film (in the can)

  1. Sani just wanted to thank you, Chris, AJ, Kristin, Jordyn, and all your friends for the opportunity to be a part of an exciting hero project. As a result the Genius Works team has gained even more experience into filming. This film is going to rock!

    • Dude. . .thank your for coming out and helping make our dream a reality, man! This has been a long time coming and yes, it’s going to seriously rawk! Us metro Detroit folks have got to stick together!

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