About Us


I spent most of my life growing up in the state of Michigan. I was a chubby kid who used comic books and television as a means to escape into another reality. Fortunately, I grew out of the chubbiness, but my love for comic books and television never left me. As I got older (high school, college, and real world) I started to notice that particular family members/friends/associates of mine had certain traits that made them stand out more than everyone else. Additionally, I had lots of musical influences over the last 30 years–specifically R&B, hip hop, glam rock, metal and grunge. After college, I was commissioned as an officer in the military where I spent nine years of my life running around the world getting into things. After my time in the military, I became a civilian doing pretty much the same thing I did while I was in the military.

Throughout my life, it seems that the preponderance of dreams that I had were nightmares. The military didn’t make things any better. Unfortunately, I can remember most of them back to the age of two. I don’t really know why that is as my life has been pretty damn cool. As a form of self-therapy, I decided to start writing them down so I could get all this crap out of my head to make room for more important things. I figured that I could do something with the material.

During my time as an adult, I was looking for a medium to throw all of my lifetime influences and experiences into where it can be seen by others. Initially, I thought about writing an autobiography of the crazy things that my friends, family and I had done over the years. Then I thought, “Why don’t I just make a comic book(s) about it?” My old college roommate, David (and my partner in this endeavor), and I have been discussing ideas for a comic for the last 15 years or so. About five years ago, I started writing my first script.

Sani and AJ getting work done!

The name “Team Demonicus” came from an alliance that my best friend (in pic above) and I formed years ago to compete against another organization that shall remain unnamed as they would probably try to claim royalties for the mention of their name. We figured that we could use our talents to do more.