Just had a pretty sweet weekend back in Michigan.  On Friday, I got to link up with Chris, Ken, Sandy, Dave and Jamal to finish up the storyboards for the Eidolons short film.  Having a couple of brews with the gang afterwards was pretty sweet as well.  We were surprised that a local hip hop artist wrote a song for the film called “Brave”.  Yeah, I was noddin’ my head.  I find it humbling that there are so many talented people involved with the project.

On Saturday, I got to see my homeboy, Joe Nelson, married off to his wife, Lauren.  I wish the best to the both of them.  I also enjoyed catching up with Jack, Phil and their families.  It’s been too long.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get to hang out as long as I wanted to as I had an early flight on Sunday.

Last but not least, Atom Smash’s new album with be released tomorrow!  I’m ready like Sponge Bob!


4 Comments on “AWESOME WEEKEND!

  1. Hey man we had mad fun Friday. I’m working hard on that camera rig for ya. You won’t be disappointed. Hey and thanks for taking the time to listen to “Brave” Looking forward to working with you more.

    • Most Definitely! Good times had by all! That rig is gonna be sick. . .lol! Thanks for allowing us to listen to the track– it was sweet! I’ll get those preview pages up asap. Thanks again for the input, man! Let’s keep it movin’! #dropkicks2mouvs

  2. Hey Sani, i really appreciate your movement and your vision with this film and comic. I sent a message on your fb Team Demonicus. Thanks for taking the time to listen to my artistry. I look forward to meeting you and working with you further.

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