08 APR 14

These cats have got me running rampant!  Being busy is a good thing so I won’t complain.  Just returned from San Antonio because I had to work over the weekend.  Just found out that I have tomorrow off– RAWK!  Currently reviewing the page 5 inks from Issue 4.  It’s still coming along nicely.  And for those of you not tracking, the cast and crew from The Interned: Eidolons in ‘The Prophecy’, have been successfully entered into IMDB.  If you see your name in there, thank Chris.  He’s been behind the scenes orchestrating everything.  Once Chris decides to join the age of social media (and he will once I’m finished waterboarding him. . .I kid, I kid), you can give him all the likes and tweets you want.  For now, you can just shoot him an email.  We’ve been working on some other cool things as well so stay tuned.

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