10 July 2014

Currently trying to pick some steam up after this 4th of July weekend, which killed any type of momentum that I had. . .well, not really because things were still getting done while I was burning myself to a crisp on Lake Travis.

The colors for Issue 4 are looking great! I’m really excited about this issue because it’s the action packed comic that I wanted to do from day 1. The next Issue, ‘Pirates of the Jacobean’ is going to have some great character/story development.  And we’re finally going to get to see Bravo team tear it up! I’m currently combing through to script to make sure everything is how I want it.

The addendum project is still coming along– I’m 4 pages in and I’m cleaning everything up while trying to maintain consistency in my illustrations.

I’m also working on another mini which focuses on one of the Eidolons who I will name later. David Velar is helping me out with that one and his art work is getting back to its former glory. . .I’m proud of him especially in the midst of his hectic schedule.

I have a couple of artists working on some profile pics and I’m planning another trip back to Michigan to knock out some business.

Last but not least I got to see some of my favorite 90s bands tonight and I’m stoked! Spacehog, Eve 6, Soul Asylum. . .man. . .I felt like I was back in high school/college again! Alright. . .I’m climbing back into my hole.

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