23 APRIL 2014

First and foremost, let me apologize for the App debacle. . .the site went down for over a week for maintenance I guess.  Everything is up and running now so you’re all welcome to continue downloading at your leisure.  I’m also going to do some updates to the app so stay tuned for that.

Issue 4 Inks/lettering are half way done and the process is moving rather quickly.  Holly Rorke is revamping the Issue 4 cover as well.  It’s good to be working with her again as she has been the heart and soul of the Team Demonicus comic book art since day 1.  I really need to get her something one of these days.

For those of you that will be at the Motor City Comicon, I plan on being there.  I’m going to have to fly from one of my jobs out of Georgia to get there, but I think everything should be fine.  I hope to catch some of you folks there.

We have some other things in the works right now that I don’t want to give away. . .my crew is not even tracking some of these things. . .I probably need to tell them. . .lol.  I’m stretched pretty thin right now, but it’s totally worth watching everything come together.  Thanks again for all of the Facebook support– it means a lot!  If you haven’t purchased any of the Eidolons comics, I have no idea what you’re waiting for.  You better get on that store link!

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