46 and 2. . .AoS. . . .

By now everyone has probably seen this video. . .you know the one. . .with the kids. . .melting your faces while doing Tool’s cover of “46 and 2”.  I’ve done plenty of sharing and I figure that I’d share it here as well.  If you don’t believe how mind-blowing this video is just click here and watch the video http://youtu.be/mYKLvYGqaC0.  These kids made me really think about all of the talent floating around out there that is being outshone by all of the malarky that we’re bombarded with on a daily basis.  This is the type of stuff that needs to be supported!

On comic book related stuff. . .I got to watch Agents of Shield (AoS) yesterday and it was pretty neat.  I’m really curious to see who they’re going to bring in to the show.  I’m definitely going to have to see more episodes before I can make an accurate assessment on the show as a whole.

I’m also caught up on Arrow!  Can’t wait to see The Flash debut next season.  Hopefully, they can pull in more characters as well.

I’m still trying to whittle away at Issue 4. . .I’m just losing way too much time in the day.  I’ll get it done because those kids totally motivated me!

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