A Bit o’ Awesomeness

First off, let me just say how stoked I am to see my boys Atom Smash back in the studio grinding out some new monster tunes.  If they say they’re coming hard on this one, they’re probably not kidding. . .so take about two steps back from that speaker, son!  They’re working on their next EP called Summer Swing.  I don’t know what that means because I’m not privy to the Atom Smash esoterics, but I know that the music is going to be killer!  If you haven’t listened to/purchased their albums Love Is In the Missile or Beautiful Alien, you need to. . .unless you don’t like rock . . . in that case, I’ll just pray for you lol.  The song “Get Back to Hello” from the Summer Swing EP will be blasting in the opening scene of our short film Eidelons:  The Prophecy.
Atom Smash Studio Session with Luke and Serge

In other awesome news, I’m moments away from popping smoke . . . back to my gyms, cartoon network, lasagna when I want it, etc.  As long as there are no flight hiccups, we’ll be on the up and up!  I hope everyone is well. . .I’ll holler in a few!

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