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The World Series is over. We got buried. I still don’t have my playoffs hat. Lions win in the last minute of the game. Pistons? Basketball? LOL. People on the East Coast are running for shelter. . .people in Hawaii running for high ground. Okay back to basketball. I’m really curious to see how the Lakers fair this year with a new center and point guard. . .not just any center and point guard– Dwight Howard and Steve Nash!

In other news, my Fit Sweets cupcakes came in and they’re pretty awesome! I really want to do my commercial, but I don’t want to wake everyone else up in this hooch. I did have a picture taken of me biting into one which I’m going to post time now:



It’s a high protein, low carbohydrate dessert that’s easy to make. All you do is add water and get to steppin’. I suggest you try some for yourself– Power Cupcakes, baby. . .POWER CUPCAKES!!!!

In comic book related news, the first half of Issue 3 is looking pretty sweet. I also have a Schism/Johnny Demonicus pic being completed and I have a feeling that it’s going to be sick. In fact, it may give some of the overarching story away, but it will be so worth it! I really love doing this stuff.

Oh, and I watched Prometheus. . .finally. It was surprisingly good! I really enjoyed it. If they don’t do a sequel, I will be ticked. . .trying to fly off at the end leaving all of these unanswered questions. . .why I oughtta. . . .

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