Cold Weather Kickin

The cold weather is finally kicking in, which led me to purchase 200 bones worth of long sleeve shirts. . .well, long sleeve shirts and BS supplements. I’m a supplement skeptic so I’m really picky with which ones I buy. However, I’m bored out of my mind so I just said, “bump it. . .I’ll try these!” I’ll keep you posted on whether or not I get ripped.

I’ve really been thinking about the wardrobe for the characters in the short film. Most have been figured out. . .I know what I want to wear but I can’t find it on line. I will keep searching hopefully something close to it pops up. I just ordered my bomber hat today and I’m going to wear it pretty much all the time. . .even while sleeping because it’s going to look so dope!

My little sister’s bday is today. . .I can’t believe that little dirt dauber is 24 years old. . .it was like yesterday when we were changing her diaper. Wait, it was yesterday! Ashana, take a bath! LOL. . .I kid. . .I kid. . .man, time sure does fly. Speaking of flying. . .my best friend (and partner in crime) and his wife just flew to Aruba today to celebrate their 1-year anniversary. AJ, whatever you do. . .DON’T PROVOKE THE RATTLESNAKES!!!! They will kick your behind– trust me! He won’t listen, but that will make for some good stories when he gets back. . .lol. I’m truly happy for that knucklehead.

I think I’m going to do some sketching. . .get some stuff out of my head. . .holla!

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