Digital Comics

I really hope that this digital comics things takes with the major comic book companies. My only issue with some of these cats is that they’re still charging the same amount when it costs them nothing to set up. I’m still going to support the endeavor as it allows me to read the comics instantly from over here.

Trying to catch a flight to this location is like trying to pull teeth. Once I get there, I know that I’ll be stranded out there for awhile. Hopefully they have a gym worth something.

I’m currently watching family guy while typing this. . .I feel like I’m at home . . . I just don’t have the bowl of cereal in front of me.

Today is leg day and I’m trying to mentally prepare myself for the punishment. I might go buy some PHs from the PX. Need to get my level up. Though my strength is returning, I still don’t feel that edge that I normally feel prior to doing my workouts. I’m also boosting my water intake as I believe that this weather is dehydrating me. Lucy Liu is on TV so I’m gonna bounce!

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