Father’s Day

Here’s to hoping that my Father has an awesome Father’s Day!  I thank God on a daily basis for giving me a role model to look up to.  That being said. . .when I began writing the script for the comic book years ago, I really wanted to find a way to get my dad into the comic.  Some of the best quotes and one-liner’s have come from him.  He’s also an eve-tempered tough guy.  Through his tutelage, I learned to channel my anger in constructive ways ie sports, lifting weights, etc. so I would stay out of trouble. . .lol.  So I thought to myself. . .what enhancement do I give him?  Then it hit me– he didn’t need any!  And the character Donovan was born.  He didn’t show up in the original script until issue 13, but then I adjusted the script to start getting main characters in earlier.  Donovan made his debut in issue 3 and I hope we see a lot more from him in the future.  Guns and Bundy Rounds a blazin’!  As a Father’s Day gift, I enlisted the help of a great artist– Dwayne Biddix– to put together an illustration.  I then had the said illustration canvased and framed for my Dad.  I was pretty stoked to get this to him. . . .

“Jive Turkeys!”

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