Hail Mary

Quarterback Chris is about to throw one of the sweetest Hail Mary’s ever! If this pass get caught, I’m going to scream like a little school girl! Working with positive, optimistic, driven people adds an entirely new light to this project. . .a new light to life. It kind of makes me really think about some of the people I’ve been associating with.

I ate lasagna last night. . .God must’ve heard my pleas. . .lol. A lot of good things are happening as of late. I may be in a bad location, but I’m not going to dwell on that. Eidelons Prophecy LLC is official and we’re doing business! I never thought that I’d be managing more than one company. We are currently working on a different site for the film so I will keep everyone posted on that. I can’t wait until the entire cast is locked in. Are we really going to do an after-party?

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