There’s only one word to describe us– winners. We finally ended the green curse that has plagued us for the past 5 years. All is back to normal. 900 wins right in your mouth! Pow! Ahhh. . .I love it. The Spartans were good sports about it though. I still wish I was home for the game.
“You’re a pretty little flower, I’m a busy little bee. . . .” I can not get that song out of my head for the life of me!! The All American Rejects tend to always create that one song that lingers in your brain until they come out with their next song that will drive you nuts. I hate that I like Beekeeper’s Daughter. It has to be the horns in the song. The inner band geek in me has an affinity for horns. . .that’s gotta be it!
So I just watched the movie Meeting Evil with Samuel L. Jackson and Luke Owen. It was very entertaining. I ended up watching it twice. Any time you delve into the supernatural, you’re going to get my attention. I’ll just leave it at that. “. . .honey I know you’ll wait for me. . .la la da da da la la da da da da da.”

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