Issue 3 submitted to printers, Atom Smash album

This past week was very productive.  First off, Issue 3 was submitted to printers and I’m just waiting for word.  One more task off of my long list of stuff to do.  Now I can focus on the logistics aspect of the short film and further conditioning the body to look half-way decent.  The food poisoning did a job on me dropping my weight down to about 142.  It’s been insane and I’m still not back at 100 percent.  I’m happy to be able to function.

I also had the distinct honor to listen to four unmastered songs from the new Atom Smash album, Summer Swing.  It’s definitely a lot heavier than the past albums and I’m anxious to hear the rest of the CD.  From what I’ve heard, it’s going to be noice!

SXSW is under way and this year, my bands/peeps are actually coming through– Butch Walker, Corey Taylor (Stone Sour/ Slipknot), Aranda, Escape the Fate, etc.  Normally, it’s all of the folk rock that’s played during SXSW or rock that isn’t even relevant anymore.  Hopefully, more of the heavier bands get to roll through to melt some face!

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