Long Saturday/Film & Comic stuff

This past Saturday was the longest day of my life. . .lol.   I attended First Saturday at the Independence Brewing Co., which was awesome as usual.  If you haven’t been to a First Saturday and you live in Austin, I have no idea what you’re doing with your life. . .lol.  I probably have more IBC swag than any other type of clothing in my house.  IBC tennis shoes are next on my list!  I also hung out with Paul, Chris and their families afterwards.  I talked comics and life with Little Chris and Charlie (they totally rocked the Eidelon shirts!!!).  I ate an endless supply of the real deal smoked brisket, pork and uhh. . .pizza!  Aaaand I got more beer. . .you just can’t beat that!  Here are a couple of pics. . .I’ll post more in a few (pay no mind to the beer stains on my shirt):






The film script and comic are going through final editing phases.  I like where everything is going!  I can’t wait to see everyone in their wardrobes. . .speaking of which, my boots are about 5 lbs per boot.  I’m going to have to start working out in them to get used to the feel.  I have time and strong legs so I’m not overly concerned with it.  Can you picture me in steampunk boots?!  I’m excited to get Issue 3 out.  The artwork is phenomenal.  Holly continues to do great things with her digital art work.  Once we’re satisfied with the title format, we will unleash it on the world like a virgin soil epidemic!  I will keep you updated as much as humanly possible since we’re getting closer to execution phases.


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