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I’m currently in Florida for work enjoying the humidity and watching people wear winter jackets in 80 degree weather.  For the last couple of weeks,  the gang and I have working on a lot of administrative stuff so when film post production is complete, we can set it off with a bang.  Before I go any further, I want to really thank everyone who took part in the film.  My little sister even stepped up to the plate.  All of the support, energy and professionalism just had me awestruck.  I will likely get fried by my U of M brethren. . .but I’d be remiss in not sending a shout out to all of my OHIO peeps for the love we’ve received.  It’s all love here.

In other news, picking up some steam on issue 4. . .still working through some “administrative” issues, but I think everything will be fine when everybody gets their heads on straight.  I will be showing some inks from the issue as we go through so stay tuned for that.  Stratus, Dark Mirror and Klepto will be showing up in this issue.  We’re starting to find out that there is more to Fredrick Foit than meets the eye (NO HE’S NOT A TRANSFORMER).  This just in. . .latest pic of Agent Ryan Sebastian Mach aka Stratus (from AOE Strike Team 4 out of Dallas) courtesy of Comic Book Artist Dwayne Biddix:

Stratus web

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