After giving thanks and stuffing my face to no end. . .I wondered what else I was going to do.  Well, I sat and listened to all of the R&B/Soul music that I listened to in Jr. High and High School.  Man, did it take me back.  1) I didn’t realize how much I still loved those songs– Hi Five (RIP Tony Thompson), After 7, Mint Condition, etc 2) I didn’t realize how much I enjoyed Jr. High and High School.  I had a lot of fun.  I’ve been sitting here with a smile on my face for hours!!!  All of the memories came flooding back. . .Sebille Manor, the sinister seven, Barracuda football, my singing group “Slow Motion”, the Tribe of Ben/Pushin’ 33, freeloading at peoples houses, playing sports, Jr. High dances (lol!), working as a bagger at the commissary. . .I could go on forever!  It’s these things that make my ties to Michigan so strong.  I want to start bellowing right now, but my hoochmates would probably try to kill me. . .lol.

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