Okay Wolverines. . .

You get a one-week repreive from me for playing a decent game (eventhough it was Minnesota). . .I didn’t have any heart attacks, aneurisms, or butt clenchings. . .okay, there were a couple of butt clenchers on some passes, but they all turned out alright.  We’ve got Penn State next weekend.  If we do them dirty, I’ll feel good about the rest of the season.  Enough about that.

Managed to pencil another page for issue 4 last night while chatting on the phone.  I’m going to have to continue to multi-task in order to get things done.  The upcoming travel isn’t going to help any, but I’ll figure it out.  Another character profile will be popping up on the site here shortly so stay tuned for that.

My workouts as stated before have switched to HIIT style training, which has not dropped my weight any. . .but has increased my vascularity in my arms (an indicator of bodyfat drop) so I will continue to chug forward with these slow-but-sure gainz.  It occured to me the other day why I really enjoy working out:  1) Because I get to mix supplements like a mad scientist. . .pretending to be Dr. Jekyll 2) I get to suit up like a superhero prior to going to the gym. . .yes, I have my gym “uniforms” and 3) finally, I get to look like a superhero.  I have issues.

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