Still cranking my way through issue 5. . .I’ve been re-doing a lot of things because I end up disliking half of the work I’ve done. At least the cover is complete. . .colored and everything. . .I might even tweak that a bit, but it’s coming. I’ve also been getting the hunger back in the gym so I’m spending a lot more time there. I’ve settled at 255 but my strength is back up to my 283 lb levels. I think it’s re-incorporating the deadlifts and getting more sleep. If I keep this up, I’m going to end up reporting to Colonel Trautman who will then send me through the jungle on a solo suicide mission. . .death by Rambro! On the film front, just more behind the scenes stuff but we will have more stuff for you soon.  I do apologize for not posting for over a month, but life has its way of keeping you hemmed up. I’ll post a page or two shortly as well.

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