Rotation Beaten

First, I would like to thank God for getting me through another rotation in the ‘stan.  Not that it’s that bad, but it’s mentally draining.  It doesn’t really hit you until you leave.  Here’s to recovering quickly.  I would also like to that those who kept me engaged whether it be by email, phone or social media!  I love you all!

The weight loss is going great!  I looked in the mirror today and it’s the best I’ve looked in almost 3 years.  I guess I have to come correct if people are going to see me with half my shirt torn off. . .lol.  Additionally, I can’t have my little sister looking better than me now that she’s trying to break into the bodybuilding world.  I didn’t realize how fat I’d gotten. . .Hey, hey, hey. . .lol!  Where’s my red sweater?

I’m going to spend the next week trying to get some sleep and I look forward to getting back into my home gym!  I’ll probably have some lasagna at some point.  I just need to recover so I can jump back into these projects head first!  I hope everyone is well!  And I look forward to seeing everyone soon!

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