“Slack N” Snack!”

That’s what Mallet and Schism call it when they consume mass quantities of food in front of the television. This is exactly what I will be doing once my protein cakes make it here. I just got confirmation from the Matriarch that they have been shipped! I might even do my own FitSweets commercial over here. . .wait. . .no, I AM going to do my own FitSweets commercial over here once my package arrives. And I promise that I will be chewing with my mouth open just to show people how obnoxious I can really be. . .lol. I should be doing more webcam videos anyways. I’ve got to get my practice in for the big screen, right?
Just when you thought the script couldn’t get any better, it gets better. It’s crazy how the creative process never stops. . .I’ll be at work, gym or sleeping in my bed and I just get hit with something and have to write it down. This is another reason why I don’t sleep as often as I should. I just need to shut my brain off every now and then to get a recharge. I think I’m going to try to nap before the gym tonight. . .or I might watch the immortals again. . .ergh. . .I don’t know. . .I’ll see. . . .

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