Stone Sour, Papa Roach, and Otherwise

You know. . .I should just leave the title and bounce. . .but I really wouldn’t be doing the said bands any justice.  The show was just so intense.  I’ve seen PR before and their pits are pretty atrocious.  In fact, PRs pit was so crazy that barely anyone had anything left for the Stone Sour Pit (well except yours truly).  Man, it was just amazing. . .I will be talking about this for weeks.  ATOM SMASH we’re awaiting your precious return!  Can’t wait to hear your EP.  I’m ashamed that I’ve never seen Stone Sour or Slipknot live. . .I do own all of their stuff.  Corey Taylor is just a beast not just because he’s a versatile vocalist, but he’s an excellent showman and a down-to-earth guy.  And don’t get me started on Jacoby Shaddix. . .As much as I don’t want to give those Aggie knuckleheads in College Station, TX any props. . .they came out to rock!

The point of all of this . . . the point is that bands such as these have pits where it’s acceptable to go max rage.  I will need to hit this level of rage in order to pull my roll off as James Russell Walker in the short film.  Hey don’t we have a photo shoot and a full dress rehearsal in about a week?  I guess we do!  Well, I’m going to go rest my bruised and battered body.  I’m amped!  Let’s get it!

Sani Papa Roach

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