The Blue!

So it’s the end of the regular college football season . . . let’s do some bowl games!  I’m not the happiest with how the season went for Michigan, but I’ll take a bowl game against South Carolina.  Hopefully, this medical redshirt waiver goes through for Gardner.  He can fine tune his game over the summer and we can start killing some  teams over the next two years.  Michigan basketball is still undefeated though our next game is against Arkansas.  If we start out like we did against Western Michigan, our streak could end quickly.  While we’re ranked number 3 in the country, let me get the trash talking out now. . .lol!  I like beating teams by 30 pts.

Speaking of sports, I was working on a character concept for an individual who is part of an Eidelons back story.  When you see his uniform, you’ll know which Big Ten team he personified.  Unfortunately, he lost his life in the line of duty as a member of AOE Strike Team 2.  Rest in peace, Magistrate.

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