OOOOhhhh. . .this post could be about soooo much, but it’s actually about one of the characters in the comic called “Cataclysm”.  The dude is all about wreckage.  If you want to learn a little bit more about the character, just click on his profile link and read.  This post is more about his significance.  Cataclysm was the first comic book character that I ever created, which would have been my senior year in high school (1994-1995).  You want to talk about perseverance?  LOL!   Seriously, when I was the co-captain of the Track team, I had a T-shirt with the word cataclysm on it.  Every time that I would look at the shirt, I would draw upon experiences that made me angry and use it to break things for GOOD!  If you pay close attention to the way the character looks and what his abilities are, you’ll notice that he resembles an amalgamation of two of my top 5 Marvel/DC characters (and both of them Do Not Play).  Cataclysm also appeared in a series called the Detanglers (written by Dan Foster ) and a comic book that is still being created called The Osirica.  Cataclysm also made his first appearance in Issue 3 of my comic The Interned.  Recently, I had artist Dwayne Biddix draw a commission and it came out sweet as all get out!  So DB, thanks for the assistance, holmes!



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