Tigers, Randy Murph, Shoulders

So my flight was cancelled today unbeknownst to me. . .but I have another one out so we’re cool. I just received five tracks from Randy Murphy and Phore to see which would be best for the hip hop track for the film. Two of them were really close, but I did have a clear favorite. We’ll see where it goes from here. If you haven’t seen it yet, I created a contributions page for the organizations that have been assisting with the film. You can view it by hovering over the Short Film tab. . .Contributions Page will appear. . .click and boom. I’m very proud of the Tigers and Miggy C! I purchased my playoffs hat today from mlb.com. I will definitely be rocking it over here. Well, I need to go mentally prepare to blast these shoulders! Gotta make some gainz. . .!

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