Two Words!

World Series. I’m so happy for the Tigers and the state of Michigan. No matter how hard our state gets hit. . .we always come back with something. I just want to marinate in this moment for a bit. My hat still hasn’t come in. I’m going to track that puppy in a second to see where it’s at.

I just accidentally erased my last two post, which annoys me because I like reading what I wrote weeks later for the time capsule effect. Well, at least I didn’t erase everything. . .lol.

There will be a new eidelons profile picture coming in the next day or so. . .wanna know who it is? Stay tuned!

Tomorrow is the day of reckoning! UofM vs MSU! The battle for trash talking rights for a year. Even though MSU is horrible, they will play their hearts out against us. I have a feeling that ol’ sparty’s luck is about to run out. The spartans souls will be served on a plate for the wolverines to feast on snickety snickt!!! Go Blue!

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