Walking Into Oncoming Traffic

I’m about to do it. . .it’s part of the ebb and flow– getting lean for the film (shooting for the end of August for all those patiently waiting), spending lots of ducketts, sitting in the think tank, drawing my behind off. . .and uh my primary job!  I really have to be smarter about how I spend my time!  The good news is that eating cleaner allows me to stay awake longer so I can get more stuff done.  This also means that I can’t eat lasagna, which is going to tick me off to no end!  I still have cartoon network so that’s a plus.

Lot’s of events for July– Two work trips, family reunion in Detroit, 4th of July festivities, a free happy hour on Friday in conjunction with my friend (lizzette’s) homecoming party, and how can we forget 1st Saturday Brew Tour at Independence Brewing!  The kicker. . .I’m not going to be able to get down like I normally do because I’m starting my cutting phase. . .ungh!  Hopefully, I don’t lose any strength because I’m the strongest that I’ve ever been.  I’ve broken 3 personal records in the past month or so and I’m floating around 260lbs.  In the immortal words of Sponge Bob. . .”I’m Ready!”

JUNGLE UP!!!!!!!

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