Real Name: Gary H. Salters

Gary Salters aka Sovereignty

Alias: Sovereignty

Place of Birth: Seattle, WA

NEXIS Classification: Type-L (Logical)

Physical Stats: 5’11, 190

Enhancement: enhanced physical attributes from photons

Salters, Team Leader of AOE Strike Team 3 and former collegiate cornerback, has the ability to convert photons into additional power making him a close range fighter.  He can absorb power from any light source.  He’s definitely more effective during a sunny day due to the endless power supply the sun provides.  His skin turns pitch black when he absorbs light.  Salters is a very patient person, which is why he is able to successfully operate with his partner Michael Sopa aka Numinous.  His code name was derived from his nickname, “Golden Eagle”, which is a reference to the university (where he won two championship rings) that he played football for.

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