Real Name: Christopher Levers

Christopher Levers, aka Trawl

Alias: Trawl

Place of Birth: Boston, MA

NEXIS Classification: Type-M (Morph)

Physical Stats: 6’4, 280 lbs

Enhancement: Enhanced submarine traits


Christopher Levers aka Trawl is Type-M Enhanced (Morph).  He is the partner of the Cataclysm of Strike Team 1.  Levers is very down to earth.  He also gives the team perspective when they’re having issues or problems.  He shares similar DNA with Orcinus orca(Killer Whale).  He can stay submersed in water for very long periods of time.  His webbed hands and feet allows him to swim much faster than the average standard (human).   His mouth is very large and his front teeth are very sharp.  He has a small fin that runs from the back of his head down his spine to his sacro-iliac joint.  His eyes allow him to see clearly underwater.   He has no pigmentation around his eyes and mouth (similar to that of the killer whale) He is used primarily for marine related operations, but conducts ground operations often.  His large powerful frame makes him a threat in the water and out.

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