William Walker, aka The Cataclysm

Real Name: William Walker

Alias: The Cataclysm

Place of Birth: Detroit, MI

NEXIS Classification: Type-P (Passionate)

Physical Stats: 5’10, 220 lbs

Enhancement: Geothermal based abilities

William Walker is a former member of AOE Strike Team 1 and serves as mentor for new agents.  He’s a human Geothermal reactor.  His enhancement allows him to harness energy from the earth to enhance his strength, fly, release energy from his hands, etc.  He is very powerful and destructive, which is why he only operates during emergencies.  He has caused millions of dollars of collateral damage in the city of Boston, but he receives little to no punishment because he is so loved by the populous.   He wears a specialized suit designed by TIEGR Labs that allows him to better harness all of that destructive energy.  The suit is all black except for the abdominal region, Arms, back of the gloves and knuckles.  When harnessing geothermal energy, the said areas glow yellow.  Given the numerous capabilities of the suit, he doesn’t need any additional weapons.


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