Lauren Lucid

Real Name: Lauren Lucid (LL)

Lauren Lucid

Alias: Dream Walker, Dream Invader

Place of Birth: Brighton, MI

NEXIS Classification: Type-S (Spiritual)

Physical Stats: 5’8, 130

Enhancement: Dream Invasion


LL has the ability to invade dreams through the Greek god Morpheus.  She invades dreams for a variety of reasons:  Therapy, gaining intelligence, or just giving people nightmares to no end.  The drawback for LL when invading dreams, is that it requires her to be in a sleeping state.  In some instances, she may have to sleep for long periods of time (16-18 hrs).  As with all spirituals, she is not fully in control of her enhancement.  LL is the faithful partner of Reginald Christopher aka Pulpit.  Together, they have established large and loyal following.


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