A Day In the Life

Things are still crazy as usual. I’m happy with the release of Issue #4 and trying to get another issue out before the end of the year. . .whether that issue is a full or a mini. . .not sure. It’s a toss up between the addendum project, Issue 5 and Issue 0.3. In other news, I’m making some good gains in the gym and working on a Halloween costume. I might not be able to celebrate this year because of the work schedule. I really need to start prioritizing things. I know I keep saying that, but fighting my nature is hard work! Speaking of which, I just bought the latest Ariana Grande album. . .I don’t know what happened. She got through to me somehow and I can’t stop singing “Problem”. First it was Demi Lovato. . .I feel like I’m selling out and hosing my Rock brethren. On an unrelated note, we’ve been supporting the Suicide Prevention endeavor. My friend, Melanie, will be participating in the AFSP’s Out of the Darkness Community walk in Lapeer County, MI. Check out her story!

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